Hey! I'm Maggie

I'm digital marketing strategist, social media guru & creative entrepreneur. Whether you're still stuck in class Monday-Friday or at the beginning of your career journey, I want to help guide you because I know the struggle. And the struggle is real.

So where do I come in?

I'm here to share advice on building a strong personal brand using tools like social media and building a blog to show off your experience, expertise and personality. I want to encourage you to stay positive despite the stress and, at times, the shittiest of situations (hello self-care!). I want you to be true to yourself and become an authority to set yourself from the rest. I will provide you with valuable resources and strategies to have a the kick ass career journey you've always wanted. I want to help you feel empowered and confident. I want you to know you don't have to have an online alter ego. You can take control of your own brand, your own brand.




My journey... so far.


Just your basic 20-something trying to figure her shit out in NYC. I want to help you out because I've been there! I know the struggle. I want this to be an open and motivating community. I love television, movies and scrap-booking. There isn't a craft out there I haven't tried and subsequently gave up. Starting my freshman year of college I got super involved and knew the importance of building my experience & expertise. I have been able to develop a voice on social that's true to myself and still informative/shows my expertise. I had countless internships in college while doing a double major and certificate. I worked full-time unpaid positions. I knew I had no networking prospects and I had to work twice as heard.

Breaking into this industry and moving to a big city without any connections? It's not easy. I realized how competitive it was and my lack of connections wouldn't help, so I knew I had to set myself a part. I worked my ass off taking any opportunity to learn and took my talents online to show off on social media and my personal portfolio. Oh and I also moved from Wisconsin to NYC. For a job... with no friends... and random roommates on craigslist. This life-changing experience has prepared me for so much more and has made me grow up fast. I want you to be inspired and I want to be inspired by you.

I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you found something that was helpful.