My February Favorites

Can you believe it’s already March? This year has kind of flown by already. Although, I have to admit, January felt like it had 70 days not 31 days. How are you New Year's Resolutions coming along? Mine are, eh, okay. I’ve definitely had worse years. 

Let’s get into it. 

Last June I was able to attend my first tarot card reading class and since I’ve been obsessed. I’ve been semi-into woo-woo (like tarot and astrology) for years, but this was my first real venture into tarot. My dream morning starts off with a daily tarot - still working on making this a habit! We’re all a work in progress, right?

One of my tarot teachers Anna Took, a wonderful Instagram follow by the way, posted about Mystic Mondays. These tarot cards are insanely beautiful. I’ve since downloaded the app and it’s a great tool. You can go through all the cards and study up, but my favorite way to use it is for the daily tarot card. If you're at all interested in tarot, I recommend adding the practice to your morning routine. 

When I was working near Union Square, I went out for lunch (read: an overpriced, but delicious smoothie from Juice Generation) and noticed this massive line for a new store opening. They even had a YouTuber there - sadly I cannot remember who it was. Back at work I Googled and read up on Innisfree. Innisfree is a natural Korean beauty store. The prices are very reasonable, especially compared to Sephora's. Since I’ve tried out a few products, all of them I liked, but these two cleansers have changed the game for me. 

The Innisfree Cleansing Oil Balm with Apple Seed has completely changed my night routine. I’ve tried out everything from the OG Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to use straight up coconut oil, but nothing quite works like this cleansing oil balm. It gently takes off *all* of my makeup including liquid liner and mascara. Truly life-changing. Oh, and it smells amazing.

I’m obviously in the double-cleansing game and knew I needed a gentle cleanser to follow up my cleansing oil balm. Innisfree’s Hydrating Cleansing Foam with Green Tea cleanser is the perfect next step. Also, let’s be honest, foam cleansers are just more fun than normal cleansers. Most importantly it hasn’t broken me out and it doesn’t strip my skin, which is key in the cold winter months. Did I mention it’s $9.00? Yep. NINE DOLLARS.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m putting the NBA on my February favorites list. I used to play basketball (yes, 5’2” Maggie was killing it on the court *snort*) and watched it all the time, but then stopped. Not for any particular reason, but just didn’t follow it as closely. Over the last few years, mostly thanks to Theo, I’ve gotten more into the NBA. 

First off, it’s so fun watching insanely talented players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, like have you seen this dunk, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James. And then you add in the social media component like the NBA subreddit, NBA Twitter, and even Instagram. If you’re missing football, like I am, I say try out the NBA.

The other week Theo and I went back to Astoria’s own District Saigon. District Saigon serves Vietnamese dishes and delicious, unique cocktails. I’m still dreaming about the shrimp ceviche appetizer we had and the summer rolls… honestly everything there is so good. As for a fun cocktail I had their Ladyboy (by the way, we’re going to need a Lady Bird cocktail) which is a tangy Vietnamese mule with cucumber basil-infused vodka. It’s also inspired me to look up recipes for infusing your own alcohol at home - will keep you updated! A refreshing cocktail is the perfect pairing to have with food that can deliver some heat. If you’re in the neighborhood, I highly recommend!


What were your February favorites? Are you a wannabe foodie as well? Send me suggestions!