On starting before you're ready

I can be the Queen of Procrastination. In high school, I was the one doing my Trig homework minutes before class started. I was the one catching up on readings the nights before a huge final.

I have gotten much better thanks to a few handy productivity tricks (pomodoro has saved my life), but I still haven’t been able to completely break this habit. A lot of this comes from the need to make sure everything is perfect before I start whatever that is. But everyone has to start from somewhere. No one is in the perfect place before they try something new or make a big change.

No one is in the perfect place before they try something new or make a big change.

And no one is ever 100% ready! Absolutely no one, I promise. 

When I moved to New York City, I had been to the city just two times before including living there for a summer during college. But is that really enough time spent in a place to uproot my entire life and move there? Was I 100% sure I loved NYC enough to live there? Not at all. But I knew I had to go for it and see what would happen. 

You're going to learn along the way and make plenty of mistakes, too.

I definitely did after moving across the country. Whether it was overestimating the amount of personal things I'd need (I promise you don't need everything) or dragging my new mattress miles from home only to have it ruined in an apartment flooding months later. 

You're only going to get better after making mistakes. It really is the best way to learn and to grow.

Don’t let any sort of fear hold you back.

Fear sucks. Whether it's the fear of making a mistake or the fear of not being good enough, we all have our fair share. It's up to us to overcome that fear that can make us feel paralyzed. Let go of the fear of imperfection that can come up before starting out on a new project. You’ll never know what could happen unless you go for it. 

It is always better to have start something and let it out there than to sit on your ideas allowing them to collect dust. Don’t wait for the perfect time because there never will be one.

Don’t underestimate starting small. Start whatever it is, right now.

What do you want to start? What is holding you back?